About Us

What's up everyone! This is Moe Ibrahim, owner/founder of Moe Supra Performance Parts. First of all I would like to genuinely thank you for choosing to read more about my company & I. Whether you are a new customer or a return customer, your interest is always appreciated! So now to the main question, "who the heck are you and what's your mission here?"

Growing up in the 90's I always jumped from one hobby to the other. Skateboarding, BMX, Soccer, etc. but there was one hobby that I took to the extreme; CARS. I would go absolutely ballistic every time I spotted a rare 90's gem on the road such as a Supra or Skyline. The feeling was unreal; spotting a certain car in person that you absolutely drool over in movies & what not. As I got older my love for cars became really intense. I collected all kinds of toy model cars that I could get my hands on. After thousands of Google & YouTube searches I had my mind set on my dream car, the legendary MKIV Supra. Fast forward years later after immense amounts of hard work & dedication; I was able to purchase my 1994 Toyota Supra. 

Equipped with a 5 speed transmission and a 2JZ-GE engine, my newly purchased Supra was finally a dream come true (without the boosty noises). I was still a youngin' & had absolutely no idea on what to do first. All my money was spent & my Supra needed a lot of work. I slowly began the build & within 8 years my Supra became a show-worthy highway demon. Till this day I'm still building her! Throughout my Supra build however, I had the pleasure of networking with all kinds of shops, people, & distributors. Before I knew it I became know as 'Moe Supra'.

How did Moe Supra Performance Parts come to start?

I remember buying car parts as a younger individual & I honestly had no information on half of the parts I was buying. I would literally just go based off what the forums said (which is not always recommended by the way). Only very little help was out there & I would always have the hardest time trying to find someone who can guide me in the right direction as to what parts I should by, where I can get the best deal at, etc. I guess you can say I learned a few things the hard way when it came to buying parts for my build. I purchased incorrect parts & over-paid on a lot of parts. After working at various Auto shops & throwing hard labor into my Supra, my car knowledge vastly expanded, & not on just Supra's but on various makes & models! Fast forward to 2018 & I officially opened Moe Supra Performance Parts in Hesperia, CA. 

My mission is simple; to provide car enthusiasts the knowledge & help that I badly needed at one point in my life. I am here to provide the best prices to those trying to build their dream, even if you're on a financial budget. I understand how frustrating it can be to try finding the best parts for the best deal. You're a car enthusiast & so am I. I'm not some random individual sitting behind a desk just waiting to clock out of work. I am a driven individual that loves anything with an engine & wheels. I take pride in helping those who share the same passion as me. I don't take days off. I operate this business 7 days a week with a smile on my face. I have become one of the top tier sellers for performance auto parts with some of the biggest known companies & distributors in the Automotive industry. Looking for the best brands with superior customer service & car parts you can get in a timely manner? Moe Supra Performance Parts is your place. Welcome home!