AEM X-Series OBDII Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge Kit

AEM X-Series OBDII Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge Kit

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AEM's New X-Series Wideband Now Available with OBDII Connectivity!

AEM's X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge with OBDII integration. This provides tuners who are using piggyback tuning modules or open source software with the ability to view AFR through the factory CAN-bus stream that is output by the factory ECU, and deliver the most accurate, safe and powerful tune. It has been verified to work with HPTuners, EFILive and DashDaq, and other systems are being validated.

The X-Series Wideband AFR OBDII Gauge includes an OBDII connector and Bosch 4.9LSU sensor that can be free-air calibrated or used with the factory resistor calibration. Additional wiring for a 0-5v or RS232 Serial output can be added by the user for outputting to a data logger. This OBDII pass-through capability replaces the traditional AEMnet stream available in the 30-0300 X-Series Wideband AFR Gauge Controller.

The OBDII output simulates an auxiliary ECU signal when plugged into a vehicle's OBD port, which requires a unique address from the other ECUs already on a vehicle's network. AEMs default OBDII CAN address will work with most popular vehicles and adjustments should not be necessary. However, AEM has provided OBDII address programmability through the buttons on the gauge face if a different address other than the default address is required, allowing users to program ECU #, Parameter Identification (PID), Message Identifier, and Bit Rate.


  • Patented X-Digital Technology makes it the Fastest Responding Wideband AFR Controller (Patent # 9,575,030)
  • OBDII pass through provides AFR readings through the factory ECU CAN-bus Ideal for users with piggyback programmers or open source tuning software!
  • Includes Bosch 4.9LSU wideband UEGO sensor
  • Uses the factory 02 calibration or free-air calibrate using buttons on faceplate
  • Compatible with vehicle/system voltages up to 16V
  • Optional outputs for 0-5V & RS232 for data logging and feedback control
  • Can display AFR values in hundredths of %
  • 52mm gauge diameter and slim 0.825 gauge depth
  • Auto-Dimming Display Feature
  • User configurable display via buttons on the gauge face for changing display settings
  • Black bezel and black dual faced faceplate included