Brian Crower 2JZ-GTE Single Spring & Titanium Retainer Kit

Brian Crower 2JZ-GTE Single Spring & Titanium Retainer Kit

Brian Crower
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Brian Crower Spring and Retainers

* Valvesprings

Designed for high rpm, Brian Crower valve springs are wound from only the highest grade, super clean, chrome silicone alloy and feature proprietary processing procedures (chamfer, debur, etc...) for consistent pressures over long term, high rpm usage. Quality valve springs are critical in the prevention of premature valve float.

* Retainers

The ultimate in lightweight high performance, Brian Crower titanium retainers typically weigh in approximately 40% less than the factory OEM steel units. CNC machined for premium 6AL4V titanium bar stock to exacting tolerances.

* Spring/Retainer Kits

Brian Crower valve spring and titanium retainers kits are system matched to work in unison to deliver better valve control at extended rpm's and allow for greater lift camshafts for added performance and reliability.

* Keepers/Locks

* Spring Seats