Garrett GVW-45 45mm Wastegate Kit - Universal

Garrett GVW-45 45mm Wastegate Kit - Universal

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Help regulate turbocharger shaft speed by venting exhaust gas around the turbine with the Garrett Vent External Wastegate. This wastegate was created by the same engineers that designed the successful G-Series and GTX Gen II turbochargers. The valve housing is cast from high temp stainless steel and rated for exhaust temperatures up to 1050° C. Garrett's Nomex reinforced elastomer diaphragm provides exceptional durability and fatigue resistance. This wastegate is set to 14.5 PSI of base pressure and is configurable from 2.9 PSI to 24.7 PSI (considering 1:1 backpressure). The actuator design allows for multiple air/liquid fitting orientations. All fasteners, springs, fittings, V-bands, clamps, and flanges are included. Available in three sizes: 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm, with four color combinations to choose from red, blue, black, and silver. 


  • CFD tested for maximum flow and thermal efficiency 
  • Optimized actuation stability and temperature 
  • Replaceable valve and bushing components to  increase service life
  • Robust design for easy diaphragm replacement
  • Liquid-cooled actuator ports for use on severe applications (up to 52% reduction in body temp)
  • Anodized aluminum actuator cover