QuickTime 2JZ to T56 Bellhousing

QuickTime 2JZ to T56 Bellhousing

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Properly mate your GM T56 Magnum or Magnum-F with this QuickTime bellhousing!

QuickTime bellhousings are designed for Circle Track, strip, and street applications. Built from high-grade steel, the cone is spun, not rolled or stamped, allowing these bellhousings to be the most dimensionally stable and accurate for today's high performance vehicles. They offer proven performance and are built right here in the USA. Choose the size and specs needed for fitment on your particular vehicle, then bridge your transmission and engine with a QuickTime bellhousing.

**Minor modification will be necessary to properly fit this bellhousing inside a JZA80 Supra tunnel and various other makes/models. Modifications of any kind will instantly void warranty**